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July 26, 2008



I just read about your work in Tom Friedman's column and in wikipedia. I congratulate you for picking a smart project in which I predict you will make lots of money. If you are successful, you will make lots of money because you will fill a necessary need -- and provide a great exchange of dollars for product. But, here's the problem: You need to provide vehicles and services at a rational cost to an intelligent marketplace. Vectrix is flagging because they haven't figured out that Americans will not pay $ 11,000 for a motorcycle:

Americans might pay $ 11,000 for an electric car, but it must be able to get on the highway and not kill people if in an accident:

So, what you need to do is to navigate the marketplace. I don't know how you will do it, but I wish you good luck.


I am very encouraged by Shai's and others' efforts in making volume scale electric vehicles a reality.

As for T. Boone Pickens, he want to convert to natural gas, perhaps because he is an oilman and would never work to put the oil industry out of business.

That is the real problem, that the entrenched market forces will never collaborate to make themselves obsolete, but will resist this with all their resources.

But there can be no other solution than electric vehicles. All we need are improvements in battery technology. The imepdiments here are all man-made, the largest being the segmentation of knowledge in battery materials and their engineering to scale.

What we should be focused on is combining a mixture of energy generating sources to drive an electric drivetrain. The Chevy Volt is an excellent example of this design paradigm, although it is 10 years behind GM's own learning curve. New, flexible solar cells will also play a major role on the skin of the electric car. Finally, we need better, lighter solutions for cooling and heating the passenger compartment.

After that, the market will respond very quickly and oil will be a greasy thing of the past.

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