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March 30, 2008



Hi Shai

It was great meeting you during the Project Better Place presentation in Tel Aviv, and I will try to send you a PDF of the article I published about the project in the Danish newspaper POLITIKEN yesterday if you give me a mail adress.

In the article I used information You provided in you presentation claiming that the night produced wind energy in Denmark alone could 'feed' energy enough to all electric cars of Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

A reader has just complained to the paper that this information is completely false. The reader is an engineer and a former lecturer on energy on the Danish Technical University.

His claims are as follows

1) in order to charge an electrical car in an average Danish household, the electricity need of that household would double. Daily household use today is about 8kWh/day - the same amount of electricity is according You needed for a full charge of the car.

2) The night production of electricity by windmills in Denmark today amounts to 7% of the full production´. Denmark is producing 70GWh/day i.e. night production is around 5GWh/day. If every car uses 8kWh/day that would suffice for 625.000 cars. Only counting the private cars - no trucks or pick-ups – the number of cars in Denmark, Norway and Sweden is five times that number.

3) Wind electricity productions should therefore be 5 time larger than the production today in order for the night produced electricity to suffice all cars in Denmark, Sweden and Norway meaning that ALL electricity in Denmark should be windmill produced. That migh be a dream but is neither politically or realistically possible claims the reader.

I have been asked by my editor to provide an answer for this apparent grave mistake in your calculation.

Could you kindly provide an answer for me a.s.a.p.

Thank you very much


Hanne Foighel



Shai - You have launched the very same year, a century later, after Ford's model T hit the roads and I am sure you will engender a similar or even a bigger / better revolution - and it can bring back the joy of motoring - on a lighter purse, heart and breath. keep up the good work...waiting for you in India - Om-you-me


Hi y'all,

I was on a business trip to LIMA 2007 in the beautiful 99 islands of Langkawi, MALAYSIA when I first met SHAI AGASSI virtually and seems to be hooked to PBP from day one.

About PBP .....only one word I can say is.....SIMPLE...you don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand it, even a 5 year old can give you solutions on how to make this world a better place for THEM + us to play.

Malaysia was "blessed" with high quality C'RUDE' oil that was created only ONCE in million of years, and emptied within a century or even less......by whom? By all of us....who was taught from small that to move around we need to go to the gas station and pour some "smelly liquids" to our dad's car.

Gasoline was 'wrongfully' discovered for a lot of reasons and the moment it dried up, the world will be filled by water due to global warming.....and our beautiful 99 islands of Langkawi will only be seen 9.9 metres below the sea level, and Shai...i think we will need an ELECTRIC BOAT grid systems by 2030 as well.

ELECTRON for lives...........

Shaharil Annuar Mohamad Saman, MALAYSIA

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