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January 21, 2008


Stefan Schaffer

Shai & team,

congratulation to this important next milestone. PBP is one of the most fascinating endevours of our days and I am sure that as you move along, there will more great ideas and concepts be inspired by the way you guys approach a problem.

All the best


Living in the center of smoggy Tel-Aviv, I can't wait until all company owned vehicles (>60% of Israel's family cars) will be replaced with electric cars.

However, I believe PBP should expand its scope to support and encourage compressed-air cars.
One reason is that electric cars are doomed to eat up more energy per traveler then compressed-air ones.
This is because of the huge batteries and the tons of copper in the electric-engine that the car needs to push in addition to its users.

Another issue to remember is that manufacturing these batteries is known to be very polluting.
See http://www.storyofstuff.com/

Good luck.



LiIon expansive are produces by Saft
LiPO are already beeing produced by Bollore
LiFeP at half price compared to LiPo are produced in the US and China, so you will produce LiFeP in Europe ?
The optimium economical seems to be compromize supercaps/batteries, and balancing and monitoring voltage and temperature of each cell to increase lifetime.
Frequent charging is better but chargers have to be common with bus and trucks so it would be better to design flexible charger or network 240 V / 400 V

Some cooperation with electrical distribution companies are mandatory for securing costs. Electricity sell is free in Isreal ?

What is the next country : France ?

I'm intrested in this buisness


Claudai Chaves

Dear Shai: I am very happy indeed that you have envisioned and organized this fantastic project. I remember a year ago, reading the article about you in Yediot Aharonot (or Maariv?) and thinking: Here is a man with the vision and the capability to CATALYZE the practical changes Israel needs to re-invigorate. I took the article to my associate, Israeli futurist Tsvi Bisk (author of "The Optimistic Jew") because of the common ground between your visions and intentions. Now I see the flowering of what you declared a year ago. It is incredibly inspirational and it will really catalyze other ventures like use of solar energy to power also home electricity in Israel, and elsewhere, and really develop the good technologies already invented that have lacked the business investment and goverment support!!! I have been humbly trying to organize the Israel Clean Energy Project, another colleague Of Tsvi Bisk's, Brian Davis, has organized the Minnesota Jewish Energy Project. Soon all these projects will touch at the edges and hopefully by synergistic. Congratulations! Please let us know if/when it becomes possible to invest money in your project. Thank you! Claudia

Tsvi Bisk

Dear Shai,

Brilliant concept. Wouldn't this concept be the ideal framework to efficiently exploit intermitant renewables?

Tsvi Bisk


Dear Mr. Agassi
I have the quadricycle EcoCa 250 Kilos if you have the guts. With my other USP, we can sell them like computers.Do let's talk.

Jonathan J. Stone


This was one of the most inspirational speeches I have ever read. As a prospective Harvard Business School student seeking to study green business and alternative energy, you give hope that these goals, which some call "dreams," can actually be made a reality.

I look forward to becoming as involved in this project as I possibly can.


Amit Nisenbaum

Some rumors that Denmark is next, see this link - http://www.globes.co.il/serveEN/globes/docView.asp?did=1000324305&fid=1724

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