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January 21, 2008


Howard Atkins

Dear Shai,
I am very pleased that you are pushing this initiative and I hope that the you will have support from industry in Israel.
As an qualified auditor for ISO/TS 16949 ( the automotive quality standard) in Israel I would be very interested in helping you develop your Israeli supplier base.
All the best and bhazlcha

Howard Atkins

Dear Shai,
I am very pleased that you are pushing this initiative and I hope that the you will have support from industry in Israel.
As an qualified auditor for ISO/TS 16949 ( the automotive quality standard) in Israel I would be very interested in helping you develop your Israeli supplier base.
All the best and bhazlcha


The New York Times just did a long piece on this story:


The world is very excited about these developments. There's likely a Nobel Peace Prize waiting for the leader of this campaign. Keep up the wonderful work!


I have a recharging-logistics suggestion for your electric vehicle project.

I have no financial interest whatsoever in the following, and offer it merely for your project's benefit:

Instead of physically swapping betteries or relying on roadside recharging stations, use inductive charging to on-the-fly recharge moving vehicles.

Essentially the same technology as contactless electric-toothbrush recharging, the vehicle will have large (1m+) inductive charging loops in its undercarriage and a transponder in its front.

The road itself will have transponder readers followed (a meter or more down the road) by nearly-full-lane-width (2m to 3m) inductive rings embedded under the road asphalt. The rings' installation would be minimally disruptive since the road would not have to be dug up, merely cut in a mini-trench perhaps 2 cm wide by 5 to 10 cm deep in a ring (that need not be circular) of 2 to 3 m wide and arbitrarily long.

As a car with a recharger-transponder (functionally identical to the toll-plaze transponders used throughout the US today) drives over the reansponder-reader in the road, the under-road inductive rings are electrified and oscillated, providing current to the car through its recieving inductive rings and giving a fractional recharge to its battery. As the vehicle departs the ring section of the road, the road rings will power-down until the next transponder-equipped vehicle comes along. The transponder's owner gets charged a small amount for each charger that the car utilizes based on the power provided (slower speed = longer charging = higher cost). Cars at full or nearly full charge would deactivate thritransponders to avoid over-charging (in both the electrical and financial meanings).

If your electric vehicle is being driven at 100km/h (27.8 m/s), it will be over a 2m recharger for 7% of a second.

I don't know any specifics of your proposed vehicle, so I'll arbitrarily say that the gound and vehicle charger rings are designed, electrified and oscillated sufficiently to charge 0.5% of your battery power in that 7% of a second at that speed.

If your vehicle has a 200km range, you use up 0.5% of your power every km, so you only need one charger-ring per km to maintain always-topped-up e-cars.

If the chargers are less effective, say 0.1% batter-power transfer in that 7% of a second, then you need 5 chargers per km.

Even if there are insufficient chargers per km for highway speed travel, there will be enough to augment the inherent range of the onboard battery.

Additionally, homes could have their driveways cut into for home induction-rings off their home electric-grid power.

Note: I am not the first to come up with this:

I hope this suggestion helps ... a limited-geography area is the perfect testing ground for an infrastructure-altered e-car system like I have suggested.

Mark Wood, [email protected]


Hi Shai. Just want to say congrats to you and everyone else at PBP for today's announcement. It's really exciting to see that you have the commitment of such a major car manufacturer.

It was interesting to hear how much of a part the Israel government played in this. No other government I know of has made such a bold step towards encouraging new forms of transport.

I'm hoping that we will hear of other governments come onboard. UK especially seeing as its where I live.

Eitan Chamberlin


Your overall initiative, and specifically your speech today, will certainly find its place in the annals of time, not only for Israel but the entire human race. I hate to sound political...but you've broadened this young man's zionistic grin, for I know that the future of our state, environment, and our basic humanity depends on the kind of leadership you are displaying in Project Better Place. Writers like me have fictionalized stories about such a world...a world that is beyond the chains of oil and small-mindness...but you, Shai, are making it a reality, and that makes all the shoddy doubters and onlookers look like fools.


where do you sign up to buy a car ?
i would like one.


Hi Shai, you care sending me an email with your email address? Really would be very keen on catching up with you,

Anjo de Heus
Redwood Software


Thank you very much for all the work you do. Just as another comment made earlier said, this is not just for Israel, whole world will thank you for your efforts.

Robert Goldberg

My fiance' and I want to be among the first to buy 2 of these cars. Price is no consideration--let's get the hell off Arab oil now!!!!!!!!!!

Prof. Barbara Hassid

My business partners are very interested in promoting this idea: We work on joint film/book ventures, and are all very excited about A Better Place, and most interested in learning more. How could we set up a brief informational meeting?
Best Regards, Prof. Barbara Hassid
Edwin Hassid, M.D.
Robert Turner

Contact: Ms. Hassid: 415: 307-1449

Yoni Davidson

I do think that making it as simple as possiable is the smartest.
don't forget that it is very simple now to put Gas in cars and replacing old habits has to be simple!
If the country has such a support in this project maybe the army would like to to buy some cars, today allmost everybody in the army (from rank - Major and up ) recive a car, i am sure that the budjet for gas is enormose.
I do think it's cheaper for them to buy cars and pay only for the battery - If you can show them that in the price of a car for 3 years they can buy a car and give it power and sell it in the end and get the money back it would save money for them, and will give you a good amount of cars to sell in the beginning.
If the government if up to Help this project it has to do much more!

Herve Kabla

Shai, today's move is one of the greatest demonstration of progress and innovation at a large scale. I'm quite sure this is just the beginning of a much longer story to take place.

And what an irony that the first agreement on clean cars is signed in the (almost) only middle-eastern country that does not produce oil...

This is the best possible gift mankind could imagine for Tou Bishvat. Congrats!


i am interested in making a translation in french of your speech. Is that possible?
Thank you in advance


What I don't see (not looking at the right place?) is how the energy is going to be produced? I do know that even in Seattle some people get enough energy from the solar cells on their roofs to power the battery of their electric car but how are you going to do it on a much bigger scale?
Link each car to solar panels? :)


Building a better world. Kol ha Kavod.
The Green Team.

Hermann Mallia

First of all I'd like to thank you for, even if you have been tremendously busy, you still have given my inquiries the attention required. I am most grateful for such and it is really appreciated. As much as you have been motivated by authorities and CEO's, I can tell you that reading through out your speech, yes I realise how difficult it may seem but I liked Kennedy's words "We will do it, not because it is easy but because it hard.”.
I thank you for getting me in contact with Josh Steinmann, with whom I'm making progress, but understand there is still much to do, but hope that within one year, I will achieve the same goals, at least on a smaller scale like you have done. I once again congratulate you in this achievement and assure you of my support and belief in the project.

Eric Wood

Way to go Shai. I'm really proud of what you're doing... more than doing though, you're leading and inspiring.

Emil Möller

Where should the electrons come from?
- trecers.net/downloads/articles/trec_white_paper.pdf

How to finance that?
- gezen.nl/www.gezen.nl/indexb329.html?option=com_content&task=view&id=60&Itemid=68

Where to find visions like Agassi's?
- tni.org/detail_page.phtml?&act_id=17306
- bigpicture.tv/videos/watch/f2217062e
- blog.google.org/2008/01/introducing-our-initiatives.html
- wie.org/j28/business.asp

Who to take aboard from the outset?
- global-issues-network.org/gin/pg009.html
- -
- big-picture.tv/index.php
- theelders.org/

Then China, India, Russia, the US, etc will follow. And that's what&who we need to make this place a better one: all

Pace e Bene,

Emil Möller
Maastricht, Netherlands

Ofer Weisglass

Hi shai

I was wondering about 100-200 k of the car
Don't you think it is too short for normal people and also for business cars?
How you solve the tracks and bigs buses problem? Did you check how much oil they take? Also even the boats that arriving to Israel

what about other alternatives like underground and upground fast trains and buses to have totally less cars and not to add more and more cars on the road?

I personally think that Israel must stop to import cars at all for few yeras.

Sorry for many questions ;-)

Wish you good luck in you project

Philippe Menahem Sellier

When I was in Kiriat Sefer aliad Modiyin, I often thought that e-cars or fuel cell cars was THE solution for transportation in Israel : It was in 1998 and unfortunately it was a little bit premature. But now, I only could say to you Hazak, Hazak, Hazak vetitHazek for your extremely good initiative.
As an experienced engineer who knows all the French Renault sites and Research&Dev centers as well (even Renault Sport, Cleanova, Batscap), I’m particularly keen on marketing e-cars for years.
So if you need a french support (technical, excellent relational...) for your project, please don’t hesitate any longer.
Very Best Regards Vegam Kol Ha Kavod

Moisey Assiq

This project would fit well within BlueStarPR's new Israel environmental initiative. They educate Americans about Israel's positive contributions beyond the conflict. Their recent environmental campaign was featured on Progressive Talk Radio Green 960AM at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvkiG6ssvNI
They also have free download of posters for from bluestarpr.org


Hi Shai,

Seeing Israel lead the way to a better world makes me proud to be an Israeli.

I had a few questions though:

Is this being developed with a possible expansion to Vehicle-to-Grid in mind? Vehicle-to-Grid seems like another perfect opportunity to test something in Israel before it becoming a reailty in other countries. It would allow countries to more easily use green sources of energy to fuel their electric cars, and thus it seems like a project that should be closely related to this. Plus, with the potential to earn money just by plugging your vehicle into the grid, this could be a major incentive to buy electric cars even after the government tax break expires. ( http://www.google.org/recharge/faq.html#9 )

Also what about getting other companies that are experimenting in these technologies on board, such as Google? (It seems like they have good ideas but need the "laboratory" to test them in)

Thank you for leading the way,

Stefan Schaffer

Shai & team,

congratulation to this important next milestone. PBP is one of the most fascinating endevours of our days and I am sure that as you move along, there will more great ideas and concepts be inspired by the way you guys approach a problem.

All the best

Stefan Schaffer

Shai & team,

congratulation to this important next milestone. PBP is one of the most fascinating endevours of our days and I am sure that as you move along, there will more great ideas and concepts be inspired by the way you guys approach a problem.

All the best

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