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January 28, 2008



Dear Shai Agassi
We have a young company in France and we try to developp, like you, electric deplacement.
We have just installed in Monaco the first electric bike station.
Your project of electric cars will be operational in 2011. I think the electric bike it will be a good alternative to wait the electric cars. You can go on our web site : www.cleanenergyplanet.com to see our development and the first electric station.
I wait your reply to discuss of this project and to put in your country electric ebike station.
Thank you very much for your attention to save the planet.
Best regards
Céline Seckler
Phone : 33 675 03 65 37

Jay Rosenberg

Hi Shai:
There is nothing more critical to our survival (and Israel’s) than copious, carbon-free, cheap energy, to convert the world from fossil (and nuclear) to renewable energy. I am attempting to commercialize “NG” (Next Generation) renewable Solar Thermal, GeoThermal, and Wind to produce energy for resale at $.05-$.04/kWh w 5 year ROI. I call the enterprise Cracking Energy©. It can be scaled from “Personal Power” units, costing no more than a bicycle, to large 10 Gigawatts wind farms, each supplying .5% of the total U.S. electrical production. Part of the solution also includes an ultra light weight multi-fuel diesel (“MFSD”), which yields a 150 MPG auto. The solution is not going to come from large companies, university projects, or wall street forays for reasons like stove piping, inefficiency, vested interests, push back, greed, or just plain ego. You also have overlooked a critical factor in your enterprise, which if you call we can discuss. JRIAM1945@aol.com. USA:301-520-9719. PS fossil energy is consuming almost 10% of the world's GDP! In addition to global devestation/ pollution whe can suffocate from lack of economic oxygen.



I found these videos of your talks at Stanford. I thought I'd post them here to share with your fans:


Great talks; thanks!



Dear Mr Agassi,

I want to contact you because you a scientifically forward thinking person who is not bound by following in the footsteps of others.

I am the author of a new model/hypothesis for Big Bang creation and particle physics. Battles have been fierce on my Scientific American blog, but to date none of the detractors have found an actually fault with the model and three of them have supplied evidence that I did not have prior to their challenges.

So why am I telling you?? Because the model has a very ominous implication: it predicts that mini-black-hole material will be stable...LHC, the machine in Switzerland, is schedualed to be turned on this May, and has the documented potential to create mini-black-holes. If it does, and the new model is correct, then that could be the end of everything.

I am contacting you because you are innovative, powerful, and maverick. Please visit my blog and read what has transpired, you could pick up a condensed version via this link http://www.sendspace.com/pro/dl/37b63e, or you could acquire a full copy of the model, The Dominium, from an online bookstore.

My ultimate hope is that you consider using your cloat to persuade CERN to delay its start-up. I know you are not directly connected, but I'm sure you know people

Christophe Dansette

Dear Shai,

I am contacting you because I would like to get in touch with you.
I am organizing a trip to Israel for journalists and business men. The goal of this trip is to make mostly non-jewish people discover the country through its site-seeings of course, but also through its people.
We are meeting a lot of politicians (the mayor of Sderot, Shaul Mofaz...), people who have concrete projects (M. Shoufan)... And when we heard about the project better place, we thought that it would be a great idea to discover more about the project. Since a lot of people are business men, I am sure they would be very interested in how you start a business in Israel, especially a "ecologic " business...
So I wondered if it would be possible to meet you while we are in Israel that is to say May-9th-May 13th.
I hope you will be interested in meeting us.



Fatih Catalbas

Hi Shai,

I read the article about you and your project in BusinessWeek and impressed a lot; actually after reading the comments in your blog i realized that i am not the only one that impressed; and i am going to ask the same question that many of them already asked; how can i be the part of this project?Your reponse will really be appreciated.


Green eyes

I know that an important things is that the government will talk about it, so if the public will hear from the ministers that EV is the future an Israel is walking in the path of changing the cars to EV , Than it will push the project ....
Then all the "smart" guys who think that EV is just a dream will think again...


Tracy Laverdiere

Mr. Agassi,

I read the article in business week and then saw your presentation in washington.

EXCELLENT! My question is how can we as individuals collectively promote,implement, and expand your vision.

You've got the right idea to start a prototype implementation in Israel. Have you analyzed the pros/cons that were associated with the electric car start-up that was done in LA? There must be some positive and negative!!! I saw the documentary and the local oversight is what eventually "killed" the vision....

I don't want to see that happen with your vision....

Best of luck....

Nick Holshouser

Hi Shai,

This bit in your post puzzles me;

"Whenever two YGLs crossed paths in Davos you could hear the greetings miles away, and if you saw two grown up people hug each other, it must be a couple of YGL men greeting after a few months of not seeing each other."

Are there only men in YGL? Certainly I expect the planet will be saved by some women too.

best regards, Nick

Ozzeir Khan

Dear Shai,

This is a great business model.

One price per month.. electric.


Where do I sign up to buy?

I would be willing to pay upto USD 500 per month. Assuming car is free.

The trick is to break the USD 500 per month price barrier

best of luck


I have some philosophical issues, presently, with solving our transportation problems with a personal car solution a/k/a the electric car. Shall we hence pave over the rest of the world and declare victory of some sorts? Some thought should be given to the concept of "cheap energy," and it's insidious ability to promote and encourage extravagant consumption. If electric works for personal cars, shouldn't it be even more efficient in buses and trains? In other words, might the short-term "solution" be an exciting but unethical "flash in the pan," in regard to personal consumption, the individual, and the power of ego? The approach du jour would be doubly powerful if and when if recognizes the concept of sustainability; so far, the present approach simply involves replacing an engine, rather than tossing it and starting again, on all fronts.

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