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November 15, 2007



This analysis that makes India into one of the major world pollutants in a not so near future reminds me of the 'London will be covered by horse manure' theme. Here's one of the many links that cover this issue:


One could argue Shai and his enterprise is exactly those who will take the horses out of the streets, so to speak, and thus the analysis stands, but on the other hand, so many things may happen that will void any of the assumptions of the article.

Sergio Fogel


We are organizing a high-profile innovation conference for early next year (march 30, 31 and April 1) in Uruguay, co-sponsored by the US government. Would you consider being one of the keynote speakers? If so, please send me an email and I'll give you more info.


Patrick T.

I wish that VW and Hyundai would start mass producing their electric cars in 2007 because the American Big 3 will not. I realize that the lithium ion battery is not developed yet for this purpose.

The American public needs a good cheap no frills car to get from point A to B.

Best wishes to you and Project Better Place.


Hello Shai,

thanks for all the information in your last post. Unfortunately the U.S. Administration continues to be in denial on the CO2 problem.

In Central Europe there is a legislation proposal on the table, where older Vehicles (upto Euro 3 Norm) are going to have to pay even higher Taxes, low emission Vehicles very low or no taxes.

While I strongly resent higher Taxes, I think a big Tax-Break for Zero Emission Vehicles needs to happen.

If a usable and affordable electric Car were available I would plan that purchase for 2008-2009. Unfortunately there is nothing out there to invest in.

On the other hand, I will postpone any purchase of a new vehicle until there is a serious low(zero) emission Vehicle available. Because I am not going to invest in a technology that has no future and which will be subject to even further penalties and Tax increases in the future.

E Dewhirst


What you are doing is the right thing - do not listen to those that are trying to change your mind - surround yourself with positive energy people - because you are on the right track. Previous wins aside - this is a revolutionary idea and one that is going to make a difference.

Stay the course you are on because it is the right one - and know that there are many people out there that believe in what you are doing and support your efforts.

I for one, am one of them.

Eric Dewhirst
Ottawa, Canada



Bravo for your efforts. If gas prices continue to rise and pollution increases, we might see a radical change in our collective attitude regarding our environment and an affordable electric car will be as common place as a civic. If you are looking for additional investors to assist your cause, please email me. Keep up the good work.



Ayala Geldman

Dear Shai and the rest of Better Place.
I honestly think your initiative is truly amazing, pretty much a dream come true, if the israeli government actually follows through with all it promises.
yet, always the concern with promorting alternative energy in the long term, feels like perhaps we are neglecting the short term solutions (which are also for the long term). hand in hand with promoting alternative energy for private transportation, i ask you not to forget the advantages of public transportation and bicycles on the reduce of energy consumption.
the use of private trasnportation can never be stopped, but it can be reduced with the proper marketing, awareness and the improvement of alternative modes of transport. This cannot be forgotten if we are going for an overall change in our country.
public transportation should be switched over to alternative energy as well, and should be more efficient and accessible to larger groups of the popualation, especially in the more densely populated urban areas.
and to top it all, as the trend is progressing in Europe, bicycles should be the number 1 mode of transport withing the city.
This should all be viewed as an overall vision to improve the energy consumption of the transport sector in Israel, and from there the rest of the world.
and i feel this should be promoted to the israeli government hand in hand with the new technology for private cars - i believe that they are all one and the same, promoting the same purpose - togehter.
just the thoughts of a concerened student who is supposed to be writing her papers at this hour of the night.

keep up the amazing ambition. we are all crossing our fingers...

Ayala :)

Rick Bullotta

While EV's are all well and good, the very title of Shai's blog, "The Long Tailpipe", supports the thesis that EV's merely represent an extension of the energy generation/consumption cycle from the power plant to the vehicle. If the power being generate to fuel the EV's is from coal or oil, have we really achieved *anything*? I say no, and in fact, we may actually have introduced transmission inefficiencies that make the problem worse.

Fundamentally, the core issue is not only at the "consumption" end, but at the "generation" end. We need a global rethinking of nuclear power and other non-fossil-fuel-based sources.

Without this coherent energy policy for "both ends of the pipe", we will merely have shifted the problem from one place to another.

There are substantial similar arguments being made in the case of biofuels. In the end, the issues are, of course, more complex, as there are geopolitical and security implications of dependence on external sources of energy, but nevertheless, until we refocus our efforts on both sides of the energy equation, we will fail miserably.

Oded Roth


Your interpretation to the “Long Tail” theory is original and unexpected, but this is the way ideas are molded by many and change their shape.

You join a group of critics who argue that Shai’s idea is wrong since it does not take care for all the problems. Does one man alone should solve all the world’s troubles while many other enjoy and ignore them? Isn’t it a significant step that may draw other positive measures, or at least rock the boat?

Jean Louis

Hello ,

just to mention that IEA
believes that in 2030 we will have a production of Oil of 130 millions baril per day , we are now with difficulties at 85 millions today ...

Why ???? because they assess that the World will need that quantity, so does the production ...

and at this time the Huppert peak will be far behind us, find the mistake ....

They think that Saoudi Arabia is the adjustement variable, but for 30 years now they were unable to adjust their production by more than 20 % !! in 30 years !! 11-12 millions a day today
They have one giant oil field,400km2 contributing to 20 % of world demand on itself, for 30 years now. Soon to be dry ...

don't worry too much about pollution in 2030 at that time, no oil anyway left...and unfortunately many wars in between for oil.

Except, may be If we decide to destroy totaly the Earth by digging in Alaska or in deep see for Methane clathrate 30 times more impactfull on climate than CO2 !!!
please have a look at a fantastic book called the hidden face of petrol ( la face cachée du pétrole de Eric Laurent) to understand every thing from the very first days with Rockfeller !!!

Israel Vaserman

Dear Mr. Agassi,

I am combining a group of experts in EV: 2 Israelis with ideas and long experience in similar activities, one American that worked for many years in the car industry and one Romanian scientist/businessman who could bring as well EU financial support (if required) for infrastructure. I myself am a marketing consultant & technology broker specializing, with some success deals, in M&A business.

Would like much to have some communication with you, to advance EV project ideas.

Have a nice day,


Shai, Regarding your calculation of Electricity cost. You say that 1kW of solar power will be sufficient to drive the Car. Average cars are about 200 Horse power which is about 150kW so you should multiply all your numbers by 150



"Average cars are about 200 Horse power which is about 150kW".

Thats an interesting point.

Personally, I think average HP is round about 75kW. Still its a good question. So peak HP is 75kW, when you are accelerating. But what is it when you are just cruising or coasting in traffic?

What is total power consumption for an average commute, and what is required for the peaks (acceleration)?

The Guys who developed the Software for the Toyota Prius proabably have a lot of Data to answer these questions.

Jean Louis

the efficiency of electricity conversion into movement is close to 100 % while only 25 % of the energy is converted into movement with a thermic engine, so you need much more power and the tork is immediate with elec


The potential for effeciency optimization of Electrical Vehicles must be huge.

First generation EV´s are only just going to be a starting-off point.

Just a few topics to consider:

Nanotechnology for developing new materials for batteries and electrical Motors and wiring.

The Software for optimizing every aspect of the performance of Electrical Vehicles.

Given an open reference Model for EV´s, interfaces and Standards, entire new Industry´s can be created.

Anything from Vehicle Collision Prevention Systems (traffic safty), to traffic automation and optimization Networks, a convergence of the Information Super-Highways and associated Technology's with actual traffic on Motorways is possible today.


Dear Shai,

I'm a serious businessman but I'm also part of the Kol Adonai Foundation in the Philippines which seeks to implement ways to help Israel in local and international arena such as yearly visits of people to your country. If we can be a blessing to Israel by considering us for Southeast Asia for your project better PLC global expansion, then please don't hesitate to contact me even now through my email address. Kind regards.



We continue to hope and assume that energy usage will parallel our lifestyles -- that there will be "no going back." On the other hand, as you say, our fossil reserves are running out and it's not feasible that a "new technology" can obviate the obvious. What then? Can we retrench to the energy usage of a century ago and maintain a semblance of our living standards, or not? Hmmmm.


We continue to hope and assume that energy usage will parallel our lifestyles -- that there will be "no going back." On the other hand, as you say, our fossil reserves are running out and it's not feasible that a "new technology" can obviate the obvious. What then? Can we retrench to the energy usage of a century ago and maintain a semblance of our living standards, or not? Hmmmm.


The problem with EVs is not batteries. It is our arcane patent laws that allow the oil racketeers, sorry, companies, to buy up innovative battery technologies and lock them away in a vault until the last drop of oil has pumped and polluted our world.

So look forward to more concept evs that will never see the highways.

The only people who will solve this problem are home grown inventors converting their own cars.


Ben Bakhshi

It sounds a lot like Israel has taken the red pill.


Hello Shai,

I think your business plan has potential for the future. In 5 years automakers will be bringing out numerous plug-in hybrids and your battery plan has excellent strategic implications. I have the experience and job skills that would be valuable to your new company. Please contact me at [email protected] if you would like to find out more about my skills and work experience.

Dave Shoap

I have invented a way to make small cars much safer in collisions. Small cars get more miles/energy-unit than large cars with the same engine technology. It will encourage American drivers to drive smaller, more efficient cars. My ideas are patent pending. Naturally, the car companies have rejected my idea.
I don't have my web site ready yet.
Please email me and I will send text and figures of my ideas.


The race for electric car stardom is on. Kudos for being a pioneer. We've given you a shout out over at SolveClimate.


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