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November 01, 2007


Ganesh Bell

Hi Shai,
Congrats on the launch and good luck! I am not sure you have seen this presentation that touches on similar notes you hit in the presentation.. thought I will share for the benefit of the readers.


Mike Rosenberg


Ben Bakhshi

Hey Shai, here is an article that was published on Israel21c.com. http://www.israel21c.com/bin/en.jsp?enDispWho=Views%5El326&enPage=BlankPage&enDisplay=view&enDispWhat=object&enVersion=0&enZone=Views&

I wrote it before the announcement, and I thought there would be an Israeli made electric car. All the other points were covered, it was difficult to accumulate the quotes; you did a very good job being discreet. The article got the most Talkback comments of any other article on the site.


why not to build a car at the factory in Nazereth elite, using the idea of battery rental system that you have developed,


why not to build a car at the factory in Nazereth elite, using the idea of battery rental system that you have developed,


Hi Shai,

Interesting that you chose (again) the energy integration point for your starter in Cleantech arena.

Good Luck



"for some reason, in Israel there already seems to be an organized PR campaign against us"

Well, I'll tell you the reason: It said in an article in Maariv, 29/10/2007 that you demanded a grant of 600 million dollars from the Government of Israel.

We wish you the best of luck with your new enterprise, but not at the cost of Israeli taxpayers!
Please issue a statement that you are not going to raid the Israeli Treasury.


John Mittendorf

New idea, new competition, new products… solving old problems; why not? Something must change in the automotive energy sector, and I welcome anybody that will tackle this behemoth.

In this regard, I hold Shai up to Lary Flint, or Madalyn Murry O’Hare (no direct comparison). He is working to solve a big problem; fighting the fight you wish you could. He’s not forcing you to buy anything, raising your taxes, or conscripting you to any service. If this works it can only drive prices down as competition arises… the second wave! He proposes a plan that can strike directly where it counts… the consumer bankroll.


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This new digital age we live in is just the dawn of a new age where global inventories can be developed and created with digital 1’s and 0’s. Customized and processed then shipped anywhere on the globe in literally seconds. In this new age originals are indistinguishable from its million’s or even billions of copies.

The nano age of the future looms before us. A new world has developed. In this new world small companies with innovative ideas such as Google seem to rise up from nowhere to threaten established industry Titan's and in the process become titan’s themselves. Witness a fledgling Microsoft utilizing innovative economics in its conquest of the consumer desktop at the expense of the then clueless reigning Computer Titian.

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Today’s battle for the online user is a misnomer...the battle is for the consumer...on and off line. Everyone realizes they are one and the same. Discovering ultimate consumer self interest is the holy grail of commerce.

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When your comment is longer than the hosts post.. thats uncool..

Why dont you keep it to a couple of paragraphs and avoid plugs..


great job!
If you ever think of getting into the Italian market, drop me a line.


Shai, can you come to an event we have at December 5 at Inbal hotel in Jerusalem and speak in English about your vision? I hope you can. If so, please send me an e. mail a.s.a.p.


Shai Avnit
Primavera ProSight Ltd.

Boaz Arad-Erder

Dear Shai,

Please send me contact info. in order to introduce you to innovative technology that may save enrgy for cars.

Boaz Arad-Erder
OnRoad Ltd.

emily fink

Hi Mr. Agassi,
My name is Emily Fink, and I am a junior at Montclair High School, Montclair, NJ. I am part of a group called the Civics and Government Institute (CGI), which is a program consisting of about 200 high school students where we focus on learning how to effect policy change. Recently, we watched "Who Killed the Electric Car," and were all deeply upset. Then I read the article in the Wall Street Journal about you and your company, and I wanted to talk to you about how we could get involved.
Is there a way to contact you through email to see what our high school can do to get behind your cause? We think that your ideas are great, and we want to be a part of changing our nation's dependence on fossil fuels. It is our generation who will inherit the problems caused by global warming.
We want to help.
Emily Fink

Steven Davies

"Please Review this start up project which is set to launch"
I watched your affiliate elite review and I liked it very much!

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Excellent article and commentary!

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