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October 29, 2007



I've think there are great practical opportunities to get electronic cars out there. The EV in the 90's with the great stuff Johnathan Goodwin is doing would make a great solution.


Mike Vickers

Shai, I just read the story in today's Wall Street Journal. Fantastic idea. I too have thought about the value of having replaceable batteries for cars, using a service station model - share the "silly" idea with my famly about a year ago.I have some ideas I want to share with you.

Mike Vickers
Idea Guy
Palo Alto native son


I just read the WSJ article about your newest adventure. I hope you partner with parking garages/decks in center-cities. I can easily see that as being the most convenient place FOR ME to recharge my car battery. I'm in my office for 9-10 hours per day. If my parking garage also offered a battery-service, I would participate here. A weekly/monthly service fee which would see a fully-charged battery in my car daily would be worth it for me. I am nearly 60 years old and don't want to be bothered with hauling a battery around.

Jacob Riis

Good luck with the new venture

I read in a newspaper that some Israeli investors wanted to invest in Copenhagen with electric car chargers. It has got a pretty warm welcome.

I think the idea of exchanging the batteries is terrible. I an not going through the trouble of exchannging my batteries with somebody elses batteries.

You are aware that it is possible to recharge a car in less than 10 minute? That is much smarter if you ask me.

Battery: http://www.altairnano.com/
Recharger: http://www.aerovironment.com/

There is a company in Norway currently testing it. They are going to get an Italian company to get some Fiat Doblos refitted with an electric motor. More here: http://www.go-green.no/

Jeff In Miami

Since you are already looking at a very slick solution to the problem of oil, you should also look into adding hydrogen refueling stations also. The cars for this solution are just waiting to roll off the assembly line. Some cars will burn hydrogen off regular engines and others like the new Honda will use fuel cells. They are more expensive than electric cars but in the scheme of things are cheap.

The other thing I would do in your shoes is approach the car dealerships to see if they want to add to their already good business by having fueling stations at dealerships and also using warehouse shopping, Wal-Mart, Costco, BJ’s and Sam’s. These would allow you immediately to use them as fueling locations and they can participate in fleet discount on the cars.

Good luck.

steve in boston

Hello Shai,
I have two inventions that will help the environment.
One is a way to make very small cars much safer in collisions.
The other is a better way to fight wildfires and to move water over long distances. Please help me market them.
My ideas are patent pending.


Great CNBC interview. Good luck with the venture!

Jeff B.

I think this is a great concept. I'm in Rochester, N.Y, and we have a fair amount research ongoing in alternative automotive fuel sources. We recently had a trial of a hydrogen cell powered vehicle. I think your concept will work, but its success will depend on an innovative national marketing plan. A national francise plan is probobly the right appproach. I would be interested in such a francise in Western NY. I have a current ongoing company, www.verantid.com, as well as s new venture, www.flybypass.com. Both enterprises rely on a nationwide network of resellers and alliances. Let me know if you would be interested in further discussions.
Jeff Black

Michael Germany

my patent lawyer checks the last 6 days an idea from me to store energy for a very low price (150 to 250 $ each kw/h and a livetime from 20 to 50 years) my new store method has no limitation of kw/h when you want you can store the energy from thousands of power stations (with energy output from 1000 mw per station) with this store method is it possible to store every overproduced kw and every to cheap produced kw of energy and give this now green energy back to the battery car user. if you want more informations you can get my contact numbers from our homepage or after a personal e-mail. i hope i hear from you soon.

Nir Hezroni

Just wanted to drop a message that this idea of yours has the potential to start a world wide change. actually I was surprised not to find hundreds of comments on it in your blog :-)

As a veteran of the good old LUZ corporate I was sorry to see it die because of oil prices decline and loss of world interest but now going 'greener' in our energy consumption is starting to gain momentum and you might be on the right road to create the next TEVA!

David Weiss

Shai, I don't know how far along you are in the infrastructure design, but I had an idea.
Instead of building new "refueling stations," perhaps you can design a "battery replacement module" and negotiate a roll-out at truckstops or some particular gasoline or deisel retailer's stores.

Your module could be mass-produced and trucked on a flatbed to perhaps a couple hundred truck stops or service stations nationwide, and suddenly the "where" question is no longer a problem.

It would really be slick if this module were automated to the extent that the driver would pull up next to the platform, and it would locate the "Battery hatch" and then somehow perhaps via infrared technology, signal the hatch to open and slide out. Then the machine and car would interact to automatically replace the battery and the hatch would slide back in, and off the driver goes. You can see how this could take just a moment or two. In fact, the power could all come from the module thereby not requiring much cost or complexity on the part of the car.
I can even see that the amount of charge used on the battery that came out could be quickly computed and the consumer could then be charged - just like with gasoline - for what they actually used.
Further, this "hatch" design could probably be worked into today's auto designs, by placing it on the fender or even under the car, which would help get the car companies on board.
I'd be happy to discuss in more detail. Good luck! Someone needs to make this happen and it seems like it will be you.
David Weiss
St. Louis, Missouri
(314) 650-9460

Indiana State Senator David Ford

How about considering technology to induce electricity in electric cars as they move down the highway. The concept is similar to electric trolly cars that could leave the track with supplemental batteries but new induction technologies (such as those being developed at MIT) might allow for induction without direct physical contact. That would mean never having to stop to refuel and would add a strong incentive to consumers to use electric vehicles.

Ron Kolb

(I'm not the scientist Ron Kolb who dominates a Google search response) I put five EVs on the road in the mid 1990's. The problem with EVs is not an electrical, chemical or mechanical engineering problem. It is a Social Engineering problem. The typical EV using twenty year old technology will go far enough and fast enough, safely enough to satisfy most people's daily driving needs. Yet, they don't sell. The other issue is, it is hard to make money selling cars that don't burn anything, with drive trains that don't tend to wear out. Best of luck! Rooting for you.

George Dietrich


If the kiosks for the batteries charge them, and perhaps have a solar array to assist, then all you need is to use vending machine, ie old and cheap, technology so that you put your old battery in and a charged one comes out. If the new one is a dud then the customer just replaces it in the same fashion.

Picture the battery as a jerry can, like the plastic red ones everyone owns (in various sizes). Now, where can you start this idea? Battery powered lawnmowers (biggest CO2 polluters on the planet); battery powered boat motors; batteries for IRobots various inventions, etc.

Auto executives that would currently try to embrace batteries and electric motors strictly would end up fired for eliminating half of the value of the IP held in patents etc. Only overly complicated technology like hybrids preserves the current patents value while adding in the promise of electric. Its obviously idiotic to drive around your own generator and have a huge investment in batteries that you may or may not use properly.

On the other hand, if you get the battery system rolling for low value equipment like lawnmowers etc, autos will soon follow. Propane distribution got a large boost from the tanks used for barbeques. And the disposal situation (biggest issue for modern batteries) will be completely controlled by the company.

I would be pleased to elaborate further if the above is of any use. Good luck in any event.


David Gong

With faster charging, ,much smaller, and more powerful batteries rushing to the market, it seems that a plausible thing to do is to provide EV charging stations inside many gas stations, not battery replacement facilities that need more space and labor power to operate. Evolution may have a better chance to create a Better Place gradually and eventually .

Charlie McClain


You've had some great comments. A critical factor of battery use and exchange is the environmental impact of exotic materials used in many contemporary power schemes. Some of these materials are very toxic and may create unforeseen problems. For these reasons I'd be encouraged to see serious attention paid to the Firefly carbon-grid, lead acid foam battery originally developed by Caterpillar. It has much of the efficiency of the exotics storage schemes, with the recyclability of plain old-fashioned lead acid batteries which are easily recycled. Much information re this technology can be found at http://www.fireflyenergy.com

Good luck!

Charlie McClain

Yaron Edel

A few months ago i contacted you, Mr. Agassi, threw Batia Ferry, and forwarded a document wich i wrote regarding a environmental business solution. I would like to know where i stand in your future plans. thank you

Yaron Edel
Esteban Business Solutions

Jeff Word

Congrats! Put me on your beta tester list :)

Klaus Steinmetz

I find your idea excellent and would like regarding the future introduction a Domain in the InterNet to secure. Which Domain suggests you, in order to come your concept next?

Jon Wellinghoff

"Project Better Place" appears to have the potential to eliminate several barriers to widespread penetration of EVs in the market. One added aspect that could provide the "economic engine" for your business plan is aggregation for V2G services. We recently demonstrated here at FERC on October 24th for the 1st time, real-time grid control of an EV battery system to provide ancillary services for the grid. If you want to discuss this further please contact me off line via email or phone at (202)502-6580.

Gennady Simanovsky

No one can predict which technology will be winner on green market, this is like to win a major prize in loto.
My respect to Shai Agassi and other guys that build a future.
Personally I'll come later when will clarify where a money at this market.

Thomas Hoops

Mr. Agassi,

I have a solution to your problem of getting the major makers to build EV's and support your battery standards. I call it the "Open Source" automobile. I would like to explain it to you. Please kick me an email if you have an interest. I share your dream - see my blog.


I saw your cnbc interview, and I was very interested. Good interview by the way. I wanted to write and see if you would be interested in checking out water powered cars by fuel cell engines and magnetic engine cars. The technology has been available for years, and would make it much easier to convert cars on the road. Stan Meyer, Daniel Dingel in the Philipines, and others have made water powered cars and magnet powered cars but have been either killed or paid off. It is possible, and I think if this company empowered the people to be energy free, rather than sucking up more energy that could be produced through polluting methods, it would bring a major shift.
check out http://youtube.com/watch?v=YIgOn1kRw5s -Stan Meyer Water Powered Car
http://youtube.com/watch?v=UVhXrvCCILw - Daniel Dingel Water Powered Car
http://youtube.com/watch?v=jt5z8L4LBJE -Magnetic Motor Troy Reed



Ed Brice

HI Shai

I wanted to wish you the best of luck in the new venture. It must feel great to be part of something so critical to our future.


Stefan Kruessmann

Mr. Agassi

Nice attemdt but you will get a big problem.
Where comes the power for to load of thousends of batteries? Where will they be loaded? How do you get the batteries to the station?

Just imagine 10 percent of all cars in the us will change to your system.
You will need thousends of new powerplants.
And those will need Gasoline, Coal or Uranium.
And all of those will peak soon.

Better invest your money in a Bicycle Factory!

Peak oil will be in about 1-3 years and we have to learn that only reducing lifestyle
will be working in the future.

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