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August 04, 2007



Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been checking and checking for photos for days. I so much want to go there with my husband, and I very much appreciate you offering up some wonderful impressions of the Galapagos Islands. Thanks to your family, too, for sharing photos with the rest of us!

Edwin Khodabakchian

Thanks. This looks indead like a little heaven.


Wow... amazing photos. Thanks so much!

Mary Sid

Beautiful photos!!!!!!!


Ganz nett, aber solche Bilder werden auf VOX- TV ständig gesendet.

And now - What is your next challenge, Sir?


Awesome...!!! Its so interesting that we need such places and animals to leed a life in the cities.


Hi, I very much agree - it is a piece of heaven on earth (I went myself about 9 years ago), but sadly it is as much under threat from human intrusion, or disruption is probably a better word, as the rest of our planet....

....so as much as it is a place to see and be in awe of, don't forget to make the visit a responsible one!

Great pictures, took me back in time!

Ben Bakhshi

Looks beautiful and exciting. Funny how we savor the lack of human presence in locations like that, yet we can only enjoy them with our own human presence. Maybe if we can live with non-destructive, ie. not fossil fuel, energy sources we could enjoy these parts of the world for many generations down the road.


Absolutely beautiful and breathtaking pictures! Thank you for sharing it with us.
So, any new discovery and thought?


Hello Shai,
lovely pictures, thanks for sharing.

The month of September is just around the corner, and it feels a little bit like "back to school".

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Kind Regards,

Larry Barrett

Shai, any chance I could get the email address you use most often?

Robin Fray Carey

Great pictures, Shai. It's a gas to be a minor player in nature's drama, no?

Bill Wohl

I never thought (as your former PR guy) I'd ever see pictures of Shai Agassi in a web suit jumping into the ocean on the Internet!!!!!!! :) The pictures are amazing. Congratulations!

Lindsey Held

What an incredible adventure to share with your family...

Ben Bakhshi

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Sorn Toomgasorn

Shai, this is very good. I'm your fan.


hello Shai,

have you gone back to Galapagos Islands..?
I am desperately waiting for you next post.


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