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July 14, 2007


Jeremy Rutman

i am interested in your electric car project.
i am halfway thru an electric conversion project [solectria motor and controller]
and also attempted to raise funds for a small
domestic car production here. no bites.
of interest 2 u may be the electromechanical
battery [aka magnetically levitated flywheel] i have been tinkering with at the technion. this semester we should get comparable energy density to chemical batteries. anyway i should get finish my degree in a few months and would be interested in working on your car project if u r looking for people.

Oded Roth

Charles Darwin’s voyage to the Galapagos inspired his evolution theory. What will be the next step of transportation evolution?

“A Thread from Past to Future Transportation”



Most of the time, the perfect place to come up with a brilliant idea is that where we are closed to nature without any modern, annoying gadgets. I am looking forward to see the pictures of our planet from Galapagos!


Dude you rock! Enjoy the trip, and please come back with some new found ideas.

Rick Bullotta

I agree, Natalia. Sometimes I feel most creative on my bike, deep in the woods, totally lost, with an oxygen deficit... ;-)

I'm sure Shai will return from vacation with his batteries charged and full of (even more) ideas!

Mantra Mali

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Hi Shai,

Well the true is that we miss you in SAP, however we're looking forward to see your pics.. flickr ? picasa ?

Enjoy your time in that paradise.

Best Regards,


Hello Shai,

You should check this article about new Sony sugar-based battery:

Definitively not enough to power a car, but this may be a new area for the future.
Congratulation for the deal with Israel Corp!
Take care and keep going.

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