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July 05, 2007


Padmanabha Rao

It will take quite some time, perhaps a decade or more, for Israel's neighbours to recognise her legitimacy, I think.

Religions seem to be gaining a dominant presence in the analysis and conduct of foreign affairs by many countries today. The Jewish religion has a high street address, especially for peoples of Asia and Africa, I think. So it's quite likely that Jewish cultural solutions will find audience in many regions and countries in the world. Rallying around the Jewish religion, instead of politik Israel, might accomplish more, in the short and long run. Separately, and the separation seems important, Israel could focus on mending fences with its immediate neighbours.

The two-prong approach is the old method of real politik/economic.

Rally the Jewish technologists, scientists, craftsmen, businessmen, negotiators and artists around the world scale problem/business.

Reliance on distant friends instead of on one's neighbours accentuates the potential for neighbourhood violence, making it difficult for both people and politics to prosper. Japan, Germany, Pakistan and South Africa are some who have woken up to that.

Fritz Maffry

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Tzachi  Shasha

My name is Tsachi Shasha that I will marry age 30 and I deal in the development, this long period in her I interest and no/even have to emphasize, marvel from your green vision and his combination to the state of Israel.
More as boy I interested in the subject of alternative energy, I read many materials on alternative ways to the production of energy and different uses of energetic to the movement of vehicles.
Today I am a partner and from general manager of company that deals in marketing and sales in the search engines in the net. Thank god, subsists pretty and in tandem searches a long time to join the vision is real, beyond the money, to him I will be able to join and dedicate lives.
I will be very happy to join yours vision and to contribute in all through, I believe that your vision will be able to realize my aspirations, to take apart enterprise that will do a better world.
I decided to do a step and to request from you to join your vision, will be very happy , to receive your reaction.

Tzachi Shasha

Ben Bakhshi

This is one of my favorite posts, can't believe it only got 3 comments before me. Israel needs a big push in education in order to develop the manpower necessary to run these 5 mega-industries. Many Israelis that I know choose to find the most convenient job they can find after leaving the army. That puts them as diamond dealers, or IDT reps, or working at local discos (and you know Israel has too many of those :D) The point is, Israel needs to find a way to encourage young citizens to go back to school after leaving the army. The government could really spur the economy if it offered greater education benefits. [They already offer olim free upper education, which is great!]

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