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May 26, 2007


Edwin Khodabakchian

Thanks for this great post. When we will be able to learn more about what your next venture is about? Best.


It is unfortunate that the King is a minority leader at the moment, but his optimistic outlook projects hope for the future of the region.


Let's not forget that the half Saudi/half British King is not representative of the population of Jordan, nor seen as such by that population. Also, IDE is producing water in Israel for 50 cents/cubic meter, which is pretty cheap by most standards.


The paradigm of a conflict between "moderates and extremists" is not wrong, but can only be taken so far. The problem with it is it creates a misleading sense of symmetry where there is none. Arab extremists want to violently destroy Western life. Western "extremists" want to respond harshly to the threat from Arab extremists. It is far from symmetrical. However, no question, there is a battle taking place within the Arab world and it is entirely in the interest of free people everywhere that the moderates win that battle.

Yuval Regev

Hi Shi.
Please read the article.


Hello Shay

I am an Israely inventor and scientist, I would like to help you with your effort to create a successful electrical car.

Please contact me



Michael Goulet

Hello !

I would like to enter in contact with you Sir Shy Agassi because i think that an hydrogen electric car were a real opportunity to transform the politic situation in the middle orient, in giving alternatives to the corruptions résulting of the oil industry.Could you answer to me by mail ?
Thanks a lot per advance.

Chalom ou Brakha

Keyvan Hadjari

Hello Shai,

I cannot believe that majesty has such a bright mind; good to the Jordanian people.
By the way, I heard your speech at Stanford uni and find out we have common passions about middle east and environment beside business interests(excitement of starting up). I am Hardware eng. but have worked as a embedded software eng. for more than 15 years, do not have such worthy background as you but have same thought in my head and heart. Drop me an email for further discussion if you like.

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