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May 03, 2007



far cry from the old Vespa :)

Aravind B

Here is another company that has been catching up for sometime in the electric car sector.



Another company in India that has been producing electric cars for a couple of years now is



A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to meet Ian Wright (http://www.wrightspeed.com/). His X1 has been getting a fair amount of publicity, therefore I am sure you are aware of it. While not focused on the mass market, Ian indeed has a grasp on the technologies involved with electric cars and their respective advantages/disadvantages.


Susmith Gopalan

I have already seen a couple of these electric scooters on the road in Bangalore. Of Chinese make I feel. It will be a while before we can pronounce these critters roadworthy.



Hi Shai,
Inspite of india having the Reva car as mentioned in the comments, one of the prime problems is price. A normal small car in India seats 4 and is priced at about 300,000 INR. Whereas the Reva car though viable seats 2 adults and a child and costs about 400,000. Now this is defnitely a lot more for an average family. Getting costs down for such cars is a real necessity atleast in cities like Mumbai and Bangalore. We would have a more sustainable living. It is nice to see vehicles of this sort, but affordability is a big question

Tangentially, looking at Electric vehicles in my opinion shifts the burden from Oil Wells to electric power plants, thereby increasing the necessity of products of coal and oil.

Susmith Gopalan

I might sound insane but have you thought of nuclear power to fuel the vehicles of the next generation? I would love to hear from you.



Alternative Energy is nice, but it is only part of the story. I have a vision how to build a city with no cars, that will have only electric vehicles and as someting sepecial, not common.

To build a city that is green as a whole (produce more green enery then it consume), and with a standart of living we can only dream on...

And there is no need for next generation technology for making this kind of city, only to build it the right way...


If we all grew our own food, would we really need vehicles?



As an employee of EDF (FRANCE) , I may suggest you to approach "BOLLORE" company which is seriously involved with EDF in "electrical domestic cars".

Ben Bakhshi

I just came across this video from CBSNews.com. Indy Racing is going to use 98% ethanol/2% gas for their race cars: http://www.cbsnews.com/sections/i_video/main500251.shtml?source=RSS&attr=CBSNewsVideo_2877163&channel=i_video&id=2877163n

Scooter Man

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