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April 27, 2007


Don Bulmer


This is a great lecture. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to reading, hearing, and learning more as part of this series. My vote is YES!` Please produce more content...

Best regards from SAP :)


This is very interesting. Yes, please produce more. Looking forward to the series!

James Guanzon


Great lecture! And I look forward to the forthcoming book material on this blog...

In the future, would you be able to post your public presentation schedule for events like this somewhere on your website? It would be great to see your presentations in person!

Best regards,

Darren Hague

I have been listening to the Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders series for a while, and it was a pleasant surprise to see your name come up in my podcasting client! It was good to hear the talk - but was there a reason that the Q&A session was cut from the end?

Best wishes,

Darren - I had discussed a few items during the Q&A that we still want to keep quiet for the time being regarding our new plan. Most of the questions related to the car project, and were not related to the bulk of the conversation - so there was no information loss to the main topic. - shai

Rick Bullotta

More please!


A very realistic and enlightening talk, Shai.
I am an actor turned producer and found your talk to be very applicable to my line of work.
I create an internet comedy series, the first of it's kind, and I am finding the switch from artist to entrepreneur to be a very interesting one. Check out our show for a laugh or three.

Best wishes on your new focus. Very green, very much about time.



Abhinav Agrawal

Hi Shai,

I was fortunate to be able to watch the streaming video broadcast of your presentation and it was fantastic! And definetly cannot wait for u to put your 70 concepts in a book..

You endeavour to make Israel a country running cars only based on electricity is marvellous, but I was wondering why not promote a better public transport system which obviates the need for a car ? Have you considered that line of thought as a solution ? My experience of cities like london which have a good public transport system is that if it is efficient, people actuually prefer it to driving, what are your thoughts ?


Armando Spagnolo

Shai, I would love to hear more "Nature of Business" lectures. The talk at Stanford was fascinating and I have been going over and over it in my mind - it really struck a nerve with me! I have also just left SAP (although I wasn't going for CEO ;-)) and find myself questioning my deepest motives. It was unfair of you to pose the question and you should have included a warning up front not to listen if you're 37 (or almost!)



Cant wait to have more of such exciting stuff from you, Shai.

Warm regards,

Armando Spagnolo

Abhinav, public transport will probably never completely eliminate the need for a car. Try traveling a few times in peak hour with a couple of small children, a baby and the shopping!



I am based in Tel Aviv, have free time, and would be excited to participate in your exciting project.

I share the passions you describe in your presentation, those that led you to engage in this thrilling endeavor.

Please provide an email address for me to direct my CV.



virendra zala

is there any powerpoint / PDF presentation ?

Lye Hee

Hi Shai,

Great lecture and had since listerning to it twice while driving to work.

Like that "Nature of Business" part. So I start the shouting for more here?




I really enjoyed listening to your stories of the twists and turns of your career.

Good luck with your "leap into the void"! I too am looking for a way to apply my skills to the alternative energy sector.


Ralph Talmont

Hi Shai Excellent, inspiring story. Thanks, man and all the best with your new project.

(I came across your talk after signing up to ETL via iTunes and going through a number of the other presentations, so came in through the other door so to speak.)


Anand Pavan Kumar Mandala

Hi Shai,

Great Lecture! I never knew you, till i heard you on the podcast, but now i want to read everything of what you write / speak - so am SHOUTING...for you to write / talk / share more of your thots in all ways here, and keep up the good work - the world needs it for sure!




Dear Shai,

I'm an Israeli ex-pat living in New York City. I recently learned about you and your work after reading an article in the New York Times. I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration and knowledge you provide people across the world. I spent half the night, last night, reading your blog, and I learned so much. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next. Keep up the amazing work.


David Shemtov


Totally inspiring - We will meet in the future, and I will ask you to work for me, and who knows, I ll fire you twice and hire back. Keep lecturing!

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