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April 20, 2007


Oren Tirosh

I guess geek fests are basically all the same - even when the combined net worth of the individuals at the table exceeds the GDP of some major nations. With the exception of the fancier tableware this scene could have taken place at the Kinnernet dining room or any other geek gathering.

Kfir Pravda

Shai, welcome to the blogsphere (on your own, not via SAP).
geeks are geeks - that's the fun in the whole thing isn't it?

Lior Haner

You just perfectly reconstructed a family dinner we had a few months ago. My Father played the part of the riddler.

Not Important

Your ideas on selling cars separate from the battery are excellent. Folks have been fiddling with Flow style batteries(for example) for years just for this reason. Fundamentally its a good idea; the same one that underlies fuel cells. Switching physical batteries however is simply a pain, but your on the right track. I'll offer you a slightly different variation that I think you'll find (because I seen it work with my own eyes) works much better and is easier to deal with the "usability issues" while still resulting in dense storage. Have your engineers cook up a battery extrusion process. Batteries are fundamentally made in a very inefficient manner. The are not constucted in a continuous flow manufacturing process and therein is your problem Years ago (about 30) I had the opportunity to work on a project for a company who shall remain nameless to imporve the manufacuring process of batteries. What was created way back when, was a machine that would extrude batteries into what for all practical purposes was a "battery cord"; yes an extrusion. Fill up your car with "cord" and remove the old cord, and charge per foot; on board is just a continous real of "battery cord". The trick to extract energy from the cord looks like a erector set gear with the gears spaced an appropriate distance along the cord with puncture the outer seal of the cord, to complete several circuits. Its simple, it works, and its cheap.... unfortunately such packaging couldn't easily be converted to devices of the time so it was shelfed like many good ideas.... I wish you good luck in your endevors. I think you find that this trivial idea will help you. Best Regards.

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